"We are inviting you all to join in our Odd-Sox Project"

 Our names are Carly and Charley.  We are two 14 year old girls who are trying to make a difference in the world.

We have been together on many occasions where we have run into homeless people on the streets and it makes us really sad and we knew we wanted to help . Helping the homeless has always been important to us so we did some research together with our parents and found out that one of the most needed items in homeless shelters today are socks.

We have always worn mismatched socks. It has always been our fun and crazy Carly-Charley style.
Knowing that almost every household deals with the dilemma of the ‘missing other sock’, we came up with a really awesome idea!! We asked our parents if we can collect everyone else's single socks, pair them up, and donate them to the homeless.  We want to transform these useless single socks into a much needed pair and give them to people who really need them!! We know how important it is to keep warm and how if your feet are cold, your whole body feels cold. Taking into consideration both of our odd sock style we came up with the “Odd-Sox Project.”  

Our mission is to collect as many socks as possible for the homeless and we would love it if you could help us with this.

Odd-Sox project is growing .  We are asking students at other schools to take the lead in organizing their own sock drives at school events on behalf of "Carly and Charley's Odd-Sox Project". Once the students  have organized and completed their sock drive the next step would be getting other peers involved in sorting the new socks, separately from the gently used socks. Then, taking the gently used socks and making them into the mismatched pairs. Lastly,they will need to complete a final sock count.  Once this is all done we are excited to accompany school ambassadors along with a parent or guardian. to deliver the sock donation to the shelters. 

We hope that you will contact us via our website www.odd-sox.org and join in our mission to help the homeless.

 "Warming feet one sock at a time!"


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